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Wheat is one of the most important and valuable crops in Ukraine.

Flour produced from grain is used in the producing bakery and other food products. Waste flour production (bran) is used as pet feed and as industrial materials.

Pelleted bran provides preservation properties for a long time. In recent years, whole wheat is used as feed for domestic animals and poultry. This kind of wheat is called fodder wheat and it is low-gluten.

That is the wheat which is the most important agricultural product in the world; it accounts more than 60% of cereals exports.

There are two types of wheat:

  • hard wheat
  • soft wheat

Hard and soft varieties of wheat are similar enough, but there is a main difference between them, it is in the following symptoms:

  • soft wheat – flour starch grains are large and soft, flour is powdery and fine and it contains less gluten. It is used in the confectionery industry
  • hard wheat – starch grains are hard and small. Flour is fine-grained and contains a lot of gluten. It is used for bakery and pasta production

Wheat is divided into two types according to its purpose:

  • fodder wheat (feed) is used as feed for livestock and poultry as well as for fodder production
  • food wheat is used in the bakery and in the flour production

There are such kinds of wheat as winter and spring.

Winter wheat is the most common one around the world. It is sown in the autumn and gathered the next summer. It gives the highest results of harvest and its shoots can be used as animal feed.

Spring wheat is sown in those areas that are notable for particularly severe winters. It is sown from March till May as far as it is necessary at least 100 days without frost for the maturation of spring wheat.

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