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Barley is in the second place after wheat in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. This cereal is multi-dimensional, as it is widely used as food, as technical and as a fodder crop. Ukraine is the world's third-largest producer of barley.

Barley stands out among other cereals because of high productivity, early maturity and resistance to drought and cold. Spring barley is the most short-duration crop, which matures within 60-120 days after sowing.

Barley grain is used for the grit production (pearlbarley and peelledbarley), ersatz coffee and flour. However, barley flour is of low quality and low-gluten, so it is rarely used for bread-making.

Barley grain is also used for brewing; two-rowed barley is often used for this purpose.

Mostly, barley is used as feed for farm animals. It means fodder barley. Around 75% of the total weight of harvested grain is for feeding animals and birds as well as for the fodder production.

Hull-less barley is better for fodder grains, because it contains more protein, less fibre and lignin, respectively, it is better absorbed by the animals.

Using barley as a part of fodder increases the animal hardiness, it is better digested than oats, and thus it is more useful for livestock growth and development.

Excellent butter is produced from milk from barley-fed dairy cows. Barley-fed birds increase egg production.

The Agrocapital Ukraine provides wholesale delivery of grain throughout Ukraine. Here you can buy fodder barley, wheat, corn and oats. All grain meets the requirements of the standard GOST and passes painstaking quality control.

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